Plan of Action

The review of the conduct of the year 2011 local government elections revealed the address critical contemporary elements that are essential to the organization of credible local Government elections. The commission therefore strongly intends to address itself to these issues in its preparation towards the coming local government elections. The major issues are:

  • Retreat on Voter Education
  • Publication of stickers Pamphlets, samples of registered political parties and their symbols
  • Production of voter education messages such as hand books bill boards
  • Radio and Television discussion programs, interviews, Questions and answer sections. Placement of educative jingles on radio and television
  • Production of Voter education materials,  I.e. Caps, T-shirt
  • Capacity building workshops for voter education personnel, public affairs officer, media practitioners
  • Production and puiblication of various voter education materials in English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Awori and Egun languages