Functions of the commission

Section 5 (a) – (l) of LASIEC law No. 18, 2008, the functions of the Commission as follows:  To

(a)       Organise, undertake and supervise all elections to Local Government Councils within the state.

(b)       Render such advice as it may consider necessary to the Independent National Electoral Commission

            on the compilation of the register of voters.

(C)       Provide guideline to political parties stipulating the rules and procedure for electioneering campaigns

            for Local Government election.

(d)       Assign Poll Clerks and Orderlies in respect of each polling station or unit to assist in the conduct of the poll;           

(e)       Conduct of voter and civic education. 

(f)        Promote knowledge of sound democratic election processes.

(g)       Conduct any referendum or plebiscite required to be conducted pursuant to    the provisions of the 1999

           Constitution or any law of the State House of Assembly.

(h)       Consult regularly with all registered political parties in the State and ensure free flow of information

           from the Commission to stakeholders.

(i)        Prepare and submit its budget directly to the State House of Assembly.

(j)        Liaise directly with the Commissioner of Police, Director of State Security Service and other relevant security

           bodies that may facilitate violence-free and fair elections.

(k)       Appoint a lawyer to defend the Commission and prosecute anyone who   violates the provisions of the law.

(i)       Carry out such other functions as may be conferred on it by law from time to time.